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Effects of Industrial By-products on Reducing Heavy Metal Leaching in Contaminated Paddy Soil
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Industrial By-products on Reducing Heavy Metal Leaching in Contaminated Paddy Soil
Oh, Se Jin; Oh, Seung Min; Kim, Sung Chul; Ok, Yong Sik; Ko, Tae Yol; Ji, Won Hyun; Yang, Jae E.;
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Soil contamination with arsenic and heavy metals is a worldwide problem. Main objective of this research was to evaluated effects of reducing heavy metal leaching under reduced soil condition amended with industrial by-products. The contaminated soil was amended with 3% (w/w) of limestone (Ls), steel slag (SS) and acid mine drainage sludge (AMDS). Synthetic acid rain ($H_2SO_4:HNO_3
Arsenic;By-products;Heavy metal;Immobilization;
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