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Isolation and Detection of Genes Responsible for Pyoverdines Biosynthesis in Pseudomonas putida KNUK9
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 Title & Authors
Isolation and Detection of Genes Responsible for Pyoverdines Biosynthesis in Pseudomonas putida KNUK9
Hussein, Khalid A.; Joo, Jin Ho;
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Pyoverdines (PVDs) are organic compounds produced by the fluorescent Pseudomonads under iron starvation conditions. Among the isolated rhizosphere pseudomonads strains, P. putida KNUK9 showed the highest production of PVDs and its production reached to 62.81% siderophores units. DNA isolation, ligation, PCR amplification, and transformation using E. coli cells were carried out for preparing the strong pyoverdine producer strains. We detected seven genes playing the fundamental roles in the pyoverdine metabolism in Pseudomonads. According to data and analysis obtained from the study, we deduced that the strain P. putida KNUK9 contains the essential genes required for pyoverdine biosynthesis.
Pseudomonas putida;Pyoverdines genes;Biosynthesis;Detection;
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