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Effect of Zeolite Application on Growth and Yield of Chinese Cabbage and Chemical Properties of Soil Under Greenhouse Cultivation
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Zeolite Application on Growth and Yield of Chinese Cabbage and Chemical Properties of Soil Under Greenhouse Cultivation
Kim, Lee-Yul; Kim, Ki-In; Kang, Seong Soo; Kim, Jung-Ho; Jung, Kang-Ho; Hong, Soon-Dal; Lee, Won-Hee;
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Zeolite may help crop growth, yield increase, and salt removal. Field experiment under greenhouse cultivation was conducted to study the effect of zeolite application on growth and yield of Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L.) and soil. Soil was classified as Gyuam series (coarse silty, mixed, nonacid, mesic family of Aquic Fluvaquentic Eutrudepts). Six zeolite rates were 0, 3, 5, 10, 20 and . Experimental design was a completely randomized design. Chinese cabbage was grown three times consecutively. Established plant number of plant and yield as fresh weight (F.W.) were measured and soil samples were taken before and after harvesting. Chinese cabbage yield was at a rate of , at a rate of , and at control (no zeolite), respectively. Second order regression analysis using zeolite rate and yield showed that optimum zeolite application rate was between 24 and . The regression equation explained about 88% of the yield variability. The electrical conductivity (EC) decreased from 3.2 to for all treatments so that salt accumulation was not a concern. Based on the results, we recommend that optimum zeolite application rate is between 20 and for Chinese cabbage under greenhouse cultivation.
Chinese Cabbage;Greenhouse soil;Salt accumulation;Zeolite;
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