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Establishment of Best Management Indicator for Sustainable Agricultural Water Quality using Delphi Survey Method
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 Title & Authors
Establishment of Best Management Indicator for Sustainable Agricultural Water Quality using Delphi Survey Method
Kim, Min-Kyeong; Jung, Goo-Bok; Hong, Seong-Chang; Kim, Myung-Hyun; Choi, Soon-Kun; Kwon, Soon-Ik; So, Kyu-Ho;
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Indicators of environmental conditions describe the state of the environment and the quantity and quality of natural resources. This study deduced the evaluation items to assess each sub-indicator for agricultural water quality and conducted the surveying using the Delphi method based on agricultural water quality experts. Considering its importance, environmental, state, and management indicators showed that state indicator such as COD concentration for surface water and concentration for groundwater was ranked as first and followed by amount of fertilizer. Its indicators were correlated with state and environmental indicators in surface water and groundwater. The best management indicators were calculated to assess the agricultural surface water and ground water quality. The indicator could be used in established policies for management and conservation of water resources.
Agricultural water;Delphi survey method;Groundwater;Surface water;Water quality;
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OECD와 우리나라의 농업용수 수질지표 산정 연구 현황,김민경;정구복;홍성창;김명현;최순군;김민영;소규호;

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