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Natural products traditionally used by the tribal people of the Purulia district, West Bengal, India for the abortifacient purpose
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  • Journal title : TANG [HUMANITAS MEDICINE]
  • Volume 3, Issue 2,  2013, pp.14.1-14.4
  • Publisher : Association of Humanitas Medicine
  • DOI : 10.5667/tang.2012.0045
 Title & Authors
Natural products traditionally used by the tribal people of the Purulia district, West Bengal, India for the abortifacient purpose
Maiti, Amaresh; Madhu, Nithar Ranjan; Manna, Chanchal Kumar;
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The paper provides a brief account of 11 plant species used by the tribal people of the district Purulia, West Bengal, India. Most of the plant species are common in this district and some have not been reported earlier for abortive purposes, pharmacology for preparation of medicines for antifertility. All these data were obtained from the tribal medicine men (ojha). At least 10 interview reports of various tribal medicine men were recorded. Parts of various medicinal plants were observed personally, collected and preserved as herbarium specimens for proper identification. The reports of various indigenous methods may help to give some clue in searching the potent contraceptives.
abortifacient;contraception;antifertility;ethnomedicine;tribal people;
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