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Anti-ulcerogenic activity of virgin coconut oil contribute to the stomach health of humankind
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  • Journal title : TANG [HUMANITAS MEDICINE]
  • Volume 6, Issue 2,  2016, pp.11.1-11.7
  • Publisher : Association of Humanitas Medicine
  • DOI : 10.5667/tang.2015.0031
 Title & Authors
Anti-ulcerogenic activity of virgin coconut oil contribute to the stomach health of humankind
Selverajah, Malarvili; Zakaria, Zainul Amiruddin; Long, Kamariah; Ahmad, Zuraini; Yaacob, Azhar; Somchit, Muhammad Nazrul;
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The aimed of the presence study was to determine the antiulcer potential of virgin coconut oil (VCO), either extracted by wet process (VCOA) or fermentation process (VCOB), and to compare their effectiveness against the copra oil (CO) using the HCl/ethanol-induced gastric ulcer model. Earlier, the oils underwent chemical analysis to determine the free fatty acids composition, physicochemical properties and anti-oxidant capability. In the antiulcer study, rats (n
coconut oil;virgin coconut oil;copra oil;antiulcer activity;antioxidant activity;free fatty acid composition;
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