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Damage Detecion of CFRP-Laminated Concrete based on a Continuous Self-Sensing Technology
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 Title & Authors
Damage Detecion of CFRP-Laminated Concrete based on a Continuous Self-Sensing Technology
Kim, Young-Jin; Park, Seung-Hee; Jin, Kyu-Nam; Lee, Chang-Gil;
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This paper reports a novel structural health monitoring (SHM) technique for detecting de-bonding between a concrete beam and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) sheet that is attached to the concrete surface. To achieve this, a multi-scale actuated sensing system with a self-sensing circuit using piezoelectric active sensors is applied to the CFRP laminated concrete beam structure. In this self-sensing based multi-scale actuated sensing, one scale provides a wide frequency-band structural response from the self-sensed impedance measurements and the other scale provides a specific frequency-induced structural wavelet response from the self-sensed guided wave measurement. To quantify the de-bonding levels, the supervised learning-based statistical pattern recognition was implemented by composing a two-dimensional (2D) plane using the damage indices extracted from the impedance and guided wave features.
CFRP de-bonding;A multi-scale actuated sensing;Impedance;Guided wave;Supervised learning;
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