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A Study on the Role of the Commune`s Cooperation in the French New Town Development and Management System
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Role of the Commune`s Cooperation in the French New Town Development and Management System
Choi, Sang-Hee; Kim, Doo-Hwan; Yoon, In-Sook; Seo, Jin-Won; Kim, Ryoon-Hee;
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In France, there are many forms of organizations based on the intercommunal solidarity for city development and management. The purpose of the collaboration among Communes is to achieve high quality and well-equipped service-delivery system through co-operation of public services needed grand finances : water supply and sewage system and waste disposal system etc. The cooperation among French Communes and its effects, even though these were owing to the existing French local administration system, continued throughout regional co-management and social co-development process. This study suggested some characteristics and implications of the collaborative-style French new-town development and management organizations focused on the EPA, SAN and CA. First, the role of developmental corporation like EPA and its collaborative structure of decision-making are meaningful, because in these ways many related Communes could share a goal of new town development. Second, the way of new town corporation (SAN) is important in the sense of enabling the Communes to collaborate with each others while maintaining autonomy, so those are not simply state-directed objects, which was very difficult in the former French local administration system. Finally, transforming to CA (Communautes d`agglomeration:city community), EPA as an intercommunal corporation is possible to extend its purpose to the domain of regional planning including new town and periphery areas and change its position to a subject which can practice Commune`s sustainable development according to stages of city`s development and maturity. The most important implication of this study on urban development in Korea is that administrative consultative council or association among local governments and related authorities need to be established and effectively operate because multi-stakeholders could share a goal of urban development and management through that.
French New Town;Collaborative Urban Management;EPA (tablissement Public d`amnagement);SAN (Syndicat d`agglomration nouvelle);CA (Communauts d`agglomration);
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