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Community Recovery Considering the Spatial Characteristics of Shanty Towns
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 Title & Authors
Community Recovery Considering the Spatial Characteristics of Shanty Towns
Shin, Haeng-Woo; Kim, Young-Ook;
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It has recently become a major concern for us contemplating could regain the advantage with a `village` concept of the traditional in a modern city. The village community recovery project which is one of the flagship projects of seoul is being actively conducted with the aim to form a network between residents and have even appeared positive results. Among the many efforts to recover community, spatial approach may be one solution. To secure a space for people to easily access, may bring about a small but significant effect. Community Space with high visual accessibility has a large effect as a space of communication and exchange of residents. Socio-economic efforts to restore the community has a limit. In some cases of poor village, Spatial relationship network was found to be a large influence on the formation of the socio-economic relations network. It is important to understand how people lived and formed a relationship within the space of traditional forms and space disappeared from rapid social change process. The community recovery efforts are needed through research and experiments for the residential network can reflect the spatial characteristics.
Shanty Towns;Community Space;Spatial Network;Social Network;Rented Apartment;
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