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Development of 3-D Hydrodynamical Model for Understanding Numerical Analysis of Density Current due to Salinity and Temperature and its Verification
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 Title & Authors
Development of 3-D Hydrodynamical Model for Understanding Numerical Analysis of Density Current due to Salinity and Temperature and its Verification
Lee, Woo-Dong; Hur, Dong-Soo;
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In order to analyze the density current due to salt and temperature difference, this study develops new numerical model (LES-WASS-3D ver. 2.0) by introducing state equation for salt and temperature and 3D advection-diffusion equation to existing 3D numerical wave tank (LES-WASS-3D ver. 1.0). To verify the applicability, the newly-developed numerical model is analyzed comparing to the experimental result of existing numerical model. In the result, it well implement the behavior and vertical salt concentration of advected and diffused seawater as well as flow velocity and temperature of the discharged warm water. This confirms the validity and effectiveness of the developed numerical model.
LES-WASS-3D;Density current;Advection-diffusion;Salinity;Temperature;
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