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Development of a 3-D Coupled Hydro-Morphodynamic Model between Numerical Wave Tank and Morphodynamic Model under Wave-Current Interaction
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 Title & Authors
Development of a 3-D Coupled Hydro-Morphodynamic Model between Numerical Wave Tank and Morphodynamic Model under Wave-Current Interaction
Lee, Woo-Dong; Hur, Dong-Soo;
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In order to understand hydrodynamic and morphodynamic characteristics under wave-current interactions in an estuary, a coupled model for two-way analysis between existing 3-d numerical wave tank and newly-developed 3-d morphodynamic model has been suggested. Comparing to existing experimental results it is revealed that computed results of the newly-suggested model are in good agreement with each laboratory test result for wave height distribution, vertical flow profile and topographical change around ocean floor pipeline in wave-current coexisting field. Also the numerical result for suspended sediment concentration is verified in comparison with experimental result in solitary wave field. Finally, it is shown that the 3-D coupled Hydro-Morphodynamic model suggested in this study is applicable to morphological change under wave-current interaction in an estuary.
Wave-current interaction;Morphological change;3-D coupled Hydro-Morphodynamic model;Suspended sediment concentration;
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쓰나미-식생 비선형 상호작용의 동적해석을 위한 3차원 수치파동수조의 적용,이우동;허동수;

대한토목학회논문집, 2016. vol.36. 5, pp.831-838 crossref(new window)
파랑-흐름-잠제의 비선형 상호간섭 해석,박수호;이정후;

대한토목학회논문집, 2016. vol.36. 6, pp.1037-1048 crossref(new window)
방류 흐름제어를 위한 투과성 잠제의 적용성 분석,허동수;이우동;

한국수자원학회논문집, 2016. vol.49. 1, pp.51-60 crossref(new window)
파랑-흐름의 상호작용에 의한 파랑변형 메커니즘 분석,이우동;허동수;

대한토목학회논문집, 2016. vol.36. 4, pp.645-650 crossref(new window)
2차원 연성모델을 적용한 불투과성 잠제 전면의 국부세굴 모의,이우동;이재철;진동환;허동수;

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