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The Development of a Multi-sensor Payload for a Micro UAV and Generation of Ortho-images
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 Title & Authors
The Development of a Multi-sensor Payload for a Micro UAV and Generation of Ortho-images
Han, Seung Hee;
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In general, RGB, NIR, and thermal images are used for obtaining geospatial data. Such multiband images are collected via devices mounted on satellites or manned flights, but do not always meet users` expectations, due to issues associated with temporal resolution, costs, spatial resolution, and effects of clouds. We believe high-resolution, multiband images can be obtained at desired time points and intervals, by developing a payload suitable for a low-altitude, auto-piloted UAV. To achieve this, this study first established a low-cost, high-resolution multiband image collection system through developing a sensor and a payload, and collected geo-referencing data, as well as RGB, NIR and thermal images by using the system. We were able to obtain a 0.181m horizontal deviation and 0.203m vertical deviation, after analyzing the positional accuracy of points based on ortho mosaic images using the collected RGB images. Since this meets the required level of spatial accuracy that allows production of maps at a scale of 1:1,000~5,000 and also remote sensing over small areas, we successfully validated that the payload was highly utilizable.
Geospatial information;Autonomous flight;UAS;UAV;Autopilot;
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회전익 UAS 영상기반 고밀도 측점자료의 위치 정확도 평가,이용창;

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