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MODIS DSI for Evaluation of the Local Drought Events in Korea
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 Title & Authors
MODIS DSI for Evaluation of the Local Drought Events in Korea
Park, Hye Sun; Um, Myoung-Jin; Kim, Jeong Bin; Kim, Yeonjoo;
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As the drought disasters are increased in the world, the need of study using satellite image data is on the rise. This study is conducted to analyze the drought in the region using satellite image, and to analyze the correlation with the standard precipitation index (SPI) and the actual drought cases. We selected Dongducheon and Taebaek region for domestic major drought (2001, 2008-2009). The correlation with the SPI and the observed water level data was analyzed using the spatial resolution and 8days MODIS DSI (Drought Severity Index). In Dongducheon, 6-months DSI has a correlation of 0.71 with the SPI (30). In Taebaek, the correlation between 6-months DSI and SPI (90) was a 0.40 and showed an average hit ratio of 65.7% in comparing with the observed water level of study area. In summary, this study showed a limited correlation between DSI based on satellite images and meteorological drought index SPI and confirmed the possibility of using DSI for the domestic study.
Drought;Drought index;Satellite image data;Correlation analysis;
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