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An Analysis of Groudwater Budget in a Water Curtain Cultivation Site
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 Title & Authors
An Analysis of Groudwater Budget in a Water Curtain Cultivation Site
Chang, Sun Woo; Chung, Il-Moon;
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In Korea, rural groundwater development faces new challenge, which have not been experienced so far. The problem is a groundwater depletion by the water curtain cultivation (WCC) during winter season. This study investigates the groundwater depletion using three-dimensional finite difference groundwater flow program, MODFLOW to verify the water budget of the shallow aquifer of Cheongweon area. Interdisciplinary research, which has become a worldwide trend, has been adopted in studying groundwater modeling in field scale. In particular, the method of groundwater recharge estimation adopted precise modeling techniques, SWAT to groundwater flow modeling. Based on qualified field data, the model calibrated and validated its reliability. The objective of this study is to simulate various stream-aquifer interactions according to groundwater pumping with artificial boundaries, such as weirs and drainage system. We also analyzed a seasonal variation of cumulative water budget of the site to quantify the groundwater depletion and recovery in the pumping field.
SWAT;MODFLOW;Groundwater pumping;Water curtain cultivation;Water budget;
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