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Evaluation on Field Applicability of Cast-In-Place Pile using Surfactant Grout
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation on Field Applicability of Cast-In-Place Pile using Surfactant Grout
Do, Jinung; Kim, Hakseung; Park, Bonggeun; Lee, Juhyung;
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In case of underground construction affected by groundwater, CIP (Cast-In-Place Pile) method is generally used to resolve the geo-hydraulic problem. However, as this method has poor connectivity between piles, an auxiliary method for cut-off is needed in many cases. In this study, a new concept earth retaining wall method (H-CIP) with no auxiliary method, by using surfactant grout (Hi-FA) which improves antiwashout and infiltration ability, is introduced, and its field applicability is evaluated. CIP and H-CIP piles were installed with same ground conditions, and field and laboratory tests were conducted to verify the performance. As results, newly contrived H-CIP method shows higher field performance for cut-off and strength than conventional CIP method.
Cut-off wall;Surfactant grout;CIP;Antiwashout admixture;
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