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Seismic Failure Probability of the Korean Disaster Risk Fill Dams Estimated by Considering Freeboard Only
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 Title & Authors
Seismic Failure Probability of the Korean Disaster Risk Fill Dams Estimated by Considering Freeboard Only
Ha, Ik Soo; Lee, Soo Gwun; Lim, Jeong Yeul; Jung, Young Hoon;
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The objective of this study is to illustrate the methods and procedures for estimating the failure probability of small fill dams subjected to earthquake events and to estimate the seismic failure probability of the Korean disaster risk fill dams where geotechnical information is not available. In this study, first of all, seismic failure probabilities of 7 disaster risk small fill dams, where geotechnical information is available, were evaluated using event tree analysis. Also, the methods and procedures for evaluating probabilities are illustrated. The relationship between dam height and freeboard for 84 disaster risk small dams, for which the safety diagnosis reports are available, was examined. This relationship was associated with the failure computation equation contained in the toolbox of US Army corps of engineers. From this association, the dam height-freeborard critical curve, which represents `zero` failure probability, was derived. The seismic failure probability of the Korean disaster risk fill dams was estimated using the critical curve and the failure probabilities computed for 7 small dams.
Earthquake;Fill dam;Disaster risk fill dam;Seismic failure probability;Event tree analysis;
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