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Development of optimized TBM segmental lining design system
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 Title & Authors
Development of optimized TBM segmental lining design system
Woo, Seungjoo; Chung, Eunmok; Yoo, Chungsik;
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This paper concerns the development of an optimized TBM segmental lining design system for a subsea tunnel. The subsea tunnel is normally laid down under the sea water and submarine ground which consists of soil or rock. The design system is the series of process which can predict segmental lining member forces by ANN (artificial neural network system), analyze suitable section for the designated ground, construction and tunnel conditions. Finally, this lining design system aims to be connected with a BIM system for designing the subsea tunnel automatically. The lining member forces are predicted based on the ANN which was calculated by a FEM (finite element analysis) and it helps designers determine its segmental lining dimension easily without any further FE calculations.
TBM Tunnel;Segmental lining design;FEM;2 Ring Beam-Spring Model;ANN;
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