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Assessment of elastic-wave propagation characteristics in grouting-improved rock mass around subsea tunnels
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Assessment of elastic-wave propagation characteristics in grouting-improved rock mass around subsea tunnels
Kim, Ji-Won; Hong, Eun-Soo; Cho, Gye-Chun;
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Grouting is frequently used before the construction of subsea tunnels to mitigate problems that can occur in weak ground zones such as joints, faults or unconsolidated settlements during construction. The grout material injected into rock mass often flows through the discontinuities present in the host rock and hence, joint properties such as its distribution, roughness and thickness greatly affect the properties of grouting-improved rocks. The grouting-improved zones near subsea tunnels are also subjected to high water pressures that can cause long-term weathering in the form of changes in grout microstructure and crack formation and lead to subsequent changes in ground properties. Therefore, an assessment method is needed to accurately measure changes in the grouting-improved zones near subsea tunnels. In this study, the elastic wave propagation characteristics in grouting-improved rocks were tested for various axial stress levels, curing time, joint roughness and thickness conditions under laboratory conditions and the results were compared with wave velocity standards in different Korean rock mass classification systems to provide a basis for inferring improvement in grouted rock-mass.
Grout;Rock grouting;Elastic wave surveying;Subsea tunnel;
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지반 및 라이닝 열화 계측 정보를 반영한 해저 터널의 안정성 평가,안준상;김병찬;문현구;송기일;

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운영 중 해저 터널의 안정성 평가를 위한 역해석 프로그램 개발: 종단방향,안준상;김병찬;문현구;송기일;

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