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Study on Heat Transfer and Fouling of Flow Boiling Systems using Oxidized Graphene Nanofluid
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 Title & Authors
Study on Heat Transfer and Fouling of Flow Boiling Systems using Oxidized Graphene Nanofluid
Kim, Woo-Joong; Kim, Nam-Jin;
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The nanofluids are the fluids with excellent thermal property, it is expected as a working fluid of the next generation. The nanofluids are well known that if it is used in the boiling heat transfer system, the critical heat flux is enhanced up to 200%, and the thermal conductivity is increased up to from 10 to 160%. However, the fouling phenomenon can be occurred that nanoparticles of nanofluids are deposited on the heat transfer surface. Therefore, to investigate relation between nanofluid and fouling, this study is carried out using oxidized graphene nanofluid. Also it compared and analyzed the critical heat flux and the boiling heat transfer coefficient. As the result, in case of oxidized graphene deposition for fouling, the critical heat flux is increased up to 20% more than oxdized graphene nanofluid. However, the boiling heat transfer coefficient is decreased down to about at more than pure water.
Graphene;Critical heat flux;Heat transfer coefficient;Flow boiling;Fouling;Nanofluid;
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