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DEM analyses of the mechanical behavior of soil and soil-rock mixture via the 3D direct shear test
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  • Journal title : Geomechanics and Engineering
  • Volume 9, Issue 6,  2015, pp.815-827
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/gae.2015.9.6.815
 Title & Authors
DEM analyses of the mechanical behavior of soil and soil-rock mixture via the 3D direct shear test
Xu, Wen-Jie; Li, Cheng-Qing; Zhang, Hai-Yang;
The mechanical behavior of soil and soil-rock mixture is investigated via the discrete element method. A non-overlapping combination method of spheres is used to model convex polyhedron rock blocks of soil-rock mixture in the DEM simulations. The meso-mechanical parameters of soil and soil-rock interface in DEM simulations are obtained from the in-situ tests. Based on the Voronoi cell, a method representing volumtric strain of the sample at the particle scale is proposed. The numerical results indicate that the particle rotation, occlusion, dilatation and self-organizing force chains are a remarkable phenomena of the localization band for the soil and soil-rock mixture samples. The localization band in a soil-rock mixture is wider than that in the soil sample. The current research shows that the 3D discrete element method can effectively simulate the mechanical behavior of soil and soil-rock mixture.
soil-rock mixture (S-RM);discrete-element modelling (DEM);failure;shear strength;deformation;localization;
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