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Industrial wastewater treatment by using of membrane
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  • Journal title : Membrane Water Treatment
  • Volume 6, Issue 6,  2015, pp.489-499
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/mwt.2015.6.6.489
 Title & Authors
Industrial wastewater treatment by using of membrane
Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Reza; Miri, Taghi; Barati, Abolfazl; Nazemian, Mahboobeh; Sepasi, Mohammad;
In this work, treatment of real hypersaline refinery wastewater by hollow fiber membrane bioreactor coupled with reverse osmosis unit was studied. The ability of HF-MBR and RO developed in this work, was evaluated through examination of the effluent properties under various operating conditions including hydraulic retention time and flux. Arak refinery wastewater was employed as influent of the bioreactor which consists of an immersed ultrafiltation membrane. The HF-MBR/RO was run for 6 months. Average elimination performance of chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, total suspended solids, volatile suspended solids, total dissolved soild and turbidity were obtained 82%, 89%, 98%, 99%, 99% and 98% respectively. Highly removal performance of oily contaminant, TDS and the complete retention of suspends solids implies good potential of the HF-MBR/RO system for wastewater refinement.
Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactor (HF-MBR);refinery wastewater;wastewater treatment;;COD;RO;
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