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Seismic performance of a wall-frame air traffic control tower
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  • Journal title : Earthquakes and Structures
  • Volume 10, Issue 2,  2016, pp.463-482
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/eas.2016.10.2.463
 Title & Authors
Seismic performance of a wall-frame air traffic control tower
Moravej, Hossein; Vafaei, Mohammadreza; Abu Bakar, Suhaimi;
Air Traffic Control (ATC) towers play significant role in the functionality of each airport. In spite of having complex dynamic behavior and major role in mitigating post-earthquake problems, less attention has been paid to the seismic performance of these structures. Herein, seismic response of an existing ATC tower with a wall-frame structural system that has been designed and detailed according to a local building code was evaluated through the framework of performance-based seismic design. Results of this study indicated that the linear static and dynamic analyses used for the design of this tower were incapable of providing a safety margin for the required seismic performance levels especially when the tower was subjected to strong ground motions. It was concluded that, for seismic design of ATC towers practice engineers should refer to a more sophisticated seismic design approach (e.g., performance-based seismic design) which accounts for inelastic behavior of structural components in order to comply with the higher seismic performance objectives of ATC towers.
ATC tower;performance-based design;equivalent static analysis;response spectrum analysis;nonlinear time history analysis;seismic performance levels;
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