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Influence of special plaster on the out-of-plane behavior of masonry walls
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  • Journal title : Earthquakes and Structures
  • Volume 10, Issue 4,  2016, pp.769-788
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/eas.2016.10.4.769
 Title & Authors
Influence of special plaster on the out-of-plane behavior of masonry walls
Donduren, Mahmut Sami; Kanit, Recep; Kalkan, Ilker; Gencel, Osman;
The present study aimed at investigating the effect of a special plaster on the out-of-plane behavior of masonry walls. A reference specimen, plastered with conventional plaster, and a specimen plastered with a special plastered were tested under reversed cyclic lateral loading. The specimens were identical in dimensions and material properties. The special plaster contained an additive, which increased the adherence strength of the plaster to the wall. The amount of the additive in the mortar was adjusted based on the preliminary material tests. The influence of the plaster on the wall behavior was evaluated according to the initial cracking load, type of failure, energy absorption capacity (modulus of toughness), and crack pattern of the wall. Despite having limited contribution to the ductility, the special plaster increased the ultimate load capacity of the wall about 25%. The failure mode of the wall with special plaster resembled the plastic failure mechanism of a reinforced concrete slab in the formation of yielding lines along the wall. The deflection at failure and the modulus of toughness of the wall with special plaster were measured to be in order of 60% and 75% of the corresponding values of the reference wall.
composite plaster;earthquake loading;plastered infill wall;out-of-plane behavior;
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