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Reduction of nitrate in groundwater by hematite supported bimetallic catalyst
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 Title & Authors
Reduction of nitrate in groundwater by hematite supported bimetallic catalyst
Hamid, Shanawar; Lee, Woojin;
In this study, nitrate reduction of real groundwater sample by 2.2%Cu-1.6%Pd-hematite catalyst was evaluated at different nitrate concentrations, catalyst concentrations, and recycling. Results show that the nitrate reduction is improved by increasing the catalyst concentration. Specific nitrate removal by 2.2%Cu-1.6%Pd-hematite increased linearly with the increase of nitrate concentration showing that the catalyst possesses significantly higher reduction capacity. More than 95% nitrate reduction was observed over five recycles by 2.2%Cu-1.6%Pd-hematite with ~56% nitrogen selectivity in all recycling batches. The results from this study indicate that stable reduction of nitrate in groundwater can be achieved by 2.2%Cu-1.6%Pd-hematite over the wide range of initial nitrate inputs.
bimetallic catalyst;Cu-Pd-hematite;nitrate reduction in groundwater;specific nitrate removal;catalyst recycling;
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