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Free vibration analysis of chiral double-walled carbon nanotube using non-local elasticity theory
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  • Journal title : Advances in nano research
  • Volume 4, Issue 1,  2016, pp.31-44
  • Publisher : Techno-Press
  • DOI : 10.12989/anr.2016.4.1.031
 Title & Authors
Free vibration analysis of chiral double-walled carbon nanotube using non-local elasticity theory
Rakrak, Kaddour; Zidour, Mohamed; Heireche, Houari; Bousahla, Abdelmoumen Anis; Chemi, Awda;
This article is concerned with the free vibration problem for chiral double-walled carbon nanotube (DWCNTs) modelled using the non-local elasticity theory and Euler Bernoulli beam model. According to the governing equations of non-local Euler Bernoulli beam theory and the boundary conditions, the analytical solution is derived and two branches of transverse wave propagating are obtained. The numerical results obtained provide better representations of the vibration behaviour of double-walled carbon nanotube, where the aspect ratio of the (DWCNTs), the vibrational mode number, the small-scale coefficient and chirality of double-walled carbon nanotube on the frequency ratio () of the (DWCNTs) are significant. In this work, the numerical results obtained can be used to predict and prevent the phenomenon of resonance for the forced vibration analyses of double -walled carbon nanotubes.
free vibration;double-walled carbon nanotube;frequency ratio;chirality;non-local;
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