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SFRHPC interior beam-column-slab joints under reverse cyclic loading
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 Title & Authors
SFRHPC interior beam-column-slab joints under reverse cyclic loading
Ganesan, N.; Nidhi, M.; Indira, P.V.;
Beam-column joints are highly vulnerable locations which are to be designed for high ductility in order to take care of unexpected lateral forces such as wind and earthquake. Previous investigations reveal that the addition of steel fibres to concrete improves its ductility significantly. Also, due to presence of slab the strength and ductility of the beam increases considerably and ignoring the effect of slab can lead to underestimation of beam capacity and defiance of strong column weak beam concept. The influence of addition of steel fibres on the strength and behaviour of steel fibre reinforced high performance concrete (SFRHPC) interior beam-column-slab joints was investigated experimentally. The specimens were subjected to reverse cyclic loading. The variable considered was the volume fraction of crimped steel fibres i.e., 0%, 0.5% and 1.0%. The results show that the addition of steel fibres improves the first crack load, strength, ductility, energy absorption capacity and initial stiffness of the beam.
beam-column-slab joint;energy absorption capacity;high performance concrete;high performance steel fibre reinforced cement concrete;reverse cyclic loading;stiffness degradation;
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