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Thermo-oxidation behaviour of organic matrix composite materials at high temperatures
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 Title & Authors
Thermo-oxidation behaviour of organic matrix composite materials at high temperatures
Cinquin, Jacques; Colin, Xavier; Fayolle, Bruno; Mille, Marion; Terekhina, Svetlana; Chocinski-Arnault, Laurence; Gigliotti, Marco; Grandidier, Jean-Claude; Lafarie-Frenot, Marie-Christine; Minervino, Matteo; Cluzel, Christophe; Daghia, Federica; Ladeveze, Pierre; Zhang, Fangzouh;
The present paper is a review of the main activities carried out within the context of the COMPTINN` program, a joint research project founded by a FUI program (Fonds ) in which four research teams focused on the thermo-oxidation behaviour of HTS-TACTIX carbon-epoxy composite at `high` temperatures (). The scientific aim of the COMPTINN` program was to better identify, with a multi-scale approach, the link between the physico-chemical mechanisms involved in thermo-oxidation phenomena, and to provide theoretical and numerical tools for predicting the mechanical behaviour of aged composite materials including damage onset and development.
polymer matrix composites;environmental degradation;thermo-oxidation;epoxy resin;micro indentation;delamination;
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