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Flow-induced interior noise from a turbulent boundary layer of a towed body
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 Title & Authors
Flow-induced interior noise from a turbulent boundary layer of a towed body
Abshagen, J.; Kuter, D.; Nejedl, V.;
In this work results from an underwater experiment on flow-induced noise in the interior of a towed body generated from a surrounding turbulent boundary layer are presented. The measurements were performed with a towed body under open sea conditions at towing depths below 100 m and towing speeds ranging from 2.4 m/s to 6.2 m/s (4 kn to 12 kn). Focus is given in the experiments to the relation between (outer) wall pressure fluctuations and the (inner) hydroacoustic near-field on the reverse side of a flat plate. The plate configuration consists of a sandwich structure with an (thick) outer polyurethane layer supported by an inner thin layer from fibre-reinforced plastics. Parameters of the turbulent boundary layer are estimated in order to analyse scaling relations of wall-pressure fluctuations, interior hydroacoustic noise, and the reduction of pressure fluctuations through the plate.
interior flow noise;turbulent boundary layer;underwater experiment;
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