The fabrication of micro mass flow sensor by Micro-machining Technology

Micromachining 기술을 이용한 micro mass flow sensor의 제작

  • 어수해 (영남공업전문대학 전자과) ;
  • 최세곤 (영남대학과 공과대학)
  • Published : 1987.07.03


The fabrication of a micro mass flow sensor on a silicon chip by means of micro-machining technology is described on this paper. The operation of micro mass flow sensor is based on the heat transfer from a heated chip to a fluid. The temperature differences on the chip is a measure for the flow velocity in a plane parallel with the chip surface. An anisotropic etching technigue was used for the formation of the V-type groove in this fabrication. The micro mass flow sensor is made up of two main parts ; A thin glass plate embodying the connecting parts and mass flow sensor parts in silicon chip. This sensor have a very small size and a neglible dead space. Micro mass flow sensor can fabricate on silicon chip by micro machining technology too.