The Recognition of Energized & Deenergized System Using System Matrix in Expert system

전문가 시스템에서의 system matrix를 이용한 정전 및 비정전구간 인식

  • Published : 1989.07.21


This paper deals with the expert system for power system recognition of energized and deenergized system using circuit breaker information. The basic idea is isolating the system with the system matrix representing the system configuration and the states of the circuit breakers. The knowledge base is composed of these isolated systems and decision rules. The isolated system with the sources is recognized as the energized system and the system without the source as the deenergized system. The rules use the system matrix and the the inference scheme is simplified in a great deal. Above all, the overall searching labor of the rules is independent on the system size and it is possible to expand into the real system and the real time restoration can be carried out easily. The expert system is written in PROLOG.