Analysis of the Axially Laminated Anisotropic Switched Reluctance Motor by Finite Element Method

유한 요소법에 의한 축방향 성충 스위치드 릴럭턴스 모타의 특성 해석

  • Published : 1989.11.25


In designing reluctance motor, it is important to know the flux distribution of the inside of the motor. The reluctance motor which has axially laminated anisotropic(a.l.a.) rotor was proved to have high efficiency. To analyze this motor, it needs to consider the anisotropic characteristic of the rotor. This paper shows the flux distribution of the a.l.a. reluctance motor by finite element method (FEM) considering the anisotropic characteristic and the saturation of the core. And this paper shows the static torque for the variation of the stator dimension. This will be helpful to design the a.l.a. switched reluctance motor.