Generalized predictive control based on the parametrization of two-degree-of-freedom control systems

  • Published : 1995.10.01


We propose a new design method for a generalized predictive control (GPC) system based on the parametrization of two-degree-of freedom control systems. The objective is to design the GPC system which guarantees the stability of the control system for a perturbed plant. The design procedure of our proposed method consists of three steps. First, we design a basic controller for a nominal plant using the LQG method and parametrize a whole control system. Next, we identify the deviation between the perturbed plant and the nominal one using a closed-loop identification method and design a free parameter of parametrization to stabilize the closed-loop system. Finally, we design a feedforward controller so as to incorporate GPC technique into our controller structure. A numerical example is presented to show the effectiveness of our proposed method.