Slewing maneuver control of flexible space structure using adaptive CGT

  • Shimada, Yuzo (Department of Aerospace Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Nihon Univ.)
  • 발행 : 1995.10.01


This paper concerns an adaptive control scheme which is an extension of the simplified adaptive control. Originally, the SAC approach was developed based on the command generator tracker (CGT) theory for perfect model tracking. An attractive point of the SAC is that a control input can be synthesized without any prior knowledge about plant structure. However, a feedforward dynamic compensator of the CGT is removed from the basic structure of the SAC. This deletion of the compensator makes perfect model tracking difficult against even a step input. In this paper, an adaptive control system is redesigned to achieve perfect model tracking for as long as possible by reviving the dynamic compensator of the CGT. The proposed method is applied to slewing control of a flexible space structure and compared to the SAC responses.