Output power maximizing in ultrasonic transducer driven at 1MHz utilizing auto-tune MOS-FET RF inverter

  • 발행 : 1995.10.01


When the ultrasonic transducer operating at l MHz for use in cleaning semiconductor wafers or other industsrial materials is driven from the MOS-FET DC-to RF inverter, the output power severely depends on the frequency of operation since the quality factor of the transducer is high. In order to tune to the eresonating frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, the drive signal frequency of the MOS-FET power inverter is automatically scananed until the frequency is set at the resonating frequency of the ultrasonic transducer is maximized. The control circuit consists of an output power sensing circuit, a PLL controller, a frequency standard, and other peripheral circuits. The operation was satisfactory when the transducer having an output of 600 W at 1 MHz was used.