Compact and versatile range-finding speedometer with wide dynamic range

  • Published : 1995.10.01


A new laser diode range-finding speedometer is proposed, which is modulated by a pair of positive and negative triangular pulse current superimposed on a dc current. Since a target velocity is directly obtained form a pure Doppler beat frequency measured during the non-modulation period, the new sensor is free from the difficulties due to the critical velocity encountered in the previous sensor. Furthermore, the different amplitude of the two triangular pluses are so adjusted that the measurable range using only one laser head is greatly expanded to 10cm through 150cm, which is about two times that of the previous sensor. The measurement accuracy for velocity of .+-.6mm/s through .+-.20mm/s and for range is about 1%, and 2%, respectively. Because the new sensor can be operated automatically using a microcomputer, it will be useful for application of a 3-D range image measurement of a slowly moving object.