Automated command generation for satellite control

  • Mo, Hee-Sook (TTandC Section, Satellite Communications Division) ;
  • Kim, Jae-Hoon (TTandC Section, Satellite Communications Division) ;
  • Lee, Ho-Jin (TTandC Section, Satellite Communications Division)
  • Published : 1995.10.01


Since the generation and transmission of telecommand in satellite monitoring and control system depend on the decisions of operators, it is possible that operators with different levels of knowledge may generate different telecommands in the same situation. Because of this reason, automation technology of satellite operation is being researched and developed to minimize the decision error due to the operator's lack of experience. This paper suggests a method of automated satellite control, which generates telecommands automatically using the knowledge of satellite subsystem engineers or specialists for the ground system. This method provides safe satellite operation and expansion of satellite life time by automatic generation of the telecommands, so that the operator's interrupt is minimized which provides the efficient satellite control.