Design of path tracking controller for mobile robot

  • Published : 1995.10.01


Autonomous Mobile Robot(AMR) is a field of study which is under active research along with rapid development of the engineering technology. The main reasons for the high interest in AMR are because of its ability to change work space freely and its capability to replace human being for difficult and dangerous jobs. Also the fact that AMR provides a variety of research fields, such as path planning, navigation algorithm, sensor fusion, image processing, and controller design is part of the reason for its popularity. But relatively few researches are concerned with controller. So in this paper, a control strategy of mobile robot with nonholonomic constraint for tracking ordered discontinuous motion is proposed. The proposed control strategy has been designed as a state feedback shape to allow the AMR to obtain continuous velocity and track the path which is composed of discontinuous motions. In order to design such controller, 3 states have been reduced to 2 states through coordinate projection. These ideas are tested for validity through simulation and simulation result is compared with experiments result.