A Numerica analysis on the lift-off motion of Free Conducting Particle in GIS

GIS내에 함유된 자유 도전성 파티클의 거동해석

  • Published : 1996.07.22


In this work, the behavior of conducting wire type particles existing inside the cylinder type coaxial electrode has been systematically investigated by charge simulation method and electrostatic force analysis from the view point of the acquired charging before being lifted off into the gap under the high ac voltage. Spheroidal charge are adopted as a image charge for the CSM analysis in order to calculate the acquired charges of the particles which are erected on the surface of the outer electrode. For this purpose, different material of the particle and their lengths and diameters have been considered in view to calculate their lift-off field, acquired charge and to understand their effect on the lift-off voltage. The results imply that the particle lengths and diameter have an different influence on the particle behavior in GIS system.