Real time simulation using multiple DSPs for fossil power plants

병렬처리를 이용한 화력발전소의 실시간 시뮬레이션

  • Published : 1997.10.01


A fossil power plant can be modeled by a lot of algebraic equations and differential equations. When we simulate a large, complicated fossil power plant by a computer such as workstation or PC, it takes much time until overall equations are completely calculated. Therefore, new processing systems which have high computing speed is ultimately needed to develope real-time simulators. Vital points of real-time simulators are accuracy, computing speed, and deadline observing. In this paper, we present a enhanced strategy in which we can provide powerful computing power by parallel processing of DSP processors with communication links. We designed general purpose DSP modules, and a VME interface module. Because the DSP module is designed for general purpose, we can easily expand the parallel system by just connecting new DSP modules to the system. Additionally we propose methods about downloading programs, initial data to each DSP module via VME bus, DPRAM and processing sequences about computing and updating values between DSP modules and CPU30 board when the simulator is working.