Precision Position Control of Piezoactuator Using Inverse Hysteresis Model

역 히스테리시스 모델을 이용한 압전 구동기의 정밀위치 제어

  • Published : 1997.10.01


A Piezoelectric actuator yields hysteresis effect due to its composed ferroelectric. Hysteresis nonlinearity is neglected when a piezoelectric actuator moves with short stroke. However when it moves with long stroke and high frequency, the hysteresis nonlinearity can not be neglected. The hysteresis nonlinearity of piezoelectric actuator degrades the control performance in precision position control. In this paper, in order to improve the control performance of piezoelectric actuator, an inverse modeling scheme is proposed to compensate the hysteresis nonlinearity problem. And feedforward-feedforward-feedback controller is proposed to give a good tracking performance. The Feedforward controller is inverse hysteresis model, and PID control is sued as a feedback controller. To show the feasibility of the proposed controller and hysteresis modeling, some experiments have been carried out. It is concluded hat the proposed control scheme gives good tracking performance.