Estimation of stress concentration factor in bolt jointed structure with variable preload

체결력에 따른 볼트 결합구조물의 응력집중계수 평가

  • Published : 1998.03.01


Most of mechanical structures are combined of substructures such as beam and/or plates. There are few system with unibody structures but are not a few systems with united body structures. Generally the dynamic analysis of whole structures is perform ed under alternating load. However, the analysis of each joint area is more important than others for zero severity. This paper presents the results of analysis of concentration stress in bolt jointed structure with variable preload. At frist, a static vibration test was performed to find out a nominal stress of bolt joint ed plates from the relationship between natural frequency and nominal stress. Then a concentration stress was computed at contact point between bolt and plate in the structure. It is believed that the proposed method has promising implications for safer design with fatigue quality index of stress concentration factor and has merit for cost down and saving time at the beginning of vehicle development.