Drying Shrinkage Reduction of Redispersible Polymer Powder-Modified Mortars Using Powdered Shrinkage-Reducing Agent

분말수축저감제를 이용한 제유화형 분말수지 혼입 폴리머 시멘트 모르터의 건조수축 저감효과

  • Published : 1998.04.01


In general, the drying shrinkage of polymer-modified mortars using redispersible polymer powders is much higher than that of unmodified mortar. The purpose of this study is to reduce the drying shringkage of polymer-modified mortars using a redispersible poly(ethylene-vinyl acetate) (EVA) powder, which is widely used for the manufacture of prepackaged-type polymer-modified mortar products at present. Polymer-modified mortars using the redispersible EVA powder with powdered shrinkage-reducing agent were prepared with various polymer-cement ratios and shrinkage-reducing agent contents, and tested for drying shrinkage and strength. From the test results, the drying shrinkage of the redispersible EVA powder-modified mortars with a powdered shrinkage agent is remarkably reduced with increasing shrinkage-reducing agent content, and becomes approximately a half of that of the redispersible EVA powder-modified mortars with the same polymer-cement ratios and without the shrinkage-reducing agent at a shrinkage-reducing agent content of 6%.