A Study on the Methods of Environmental Design with the View of Holism

전일적(holistic) 관점에 의한 환경디자인 접근방법 고찰

  • Published : 1999.04.01


Mechanical world view was built by Newton and Decarte approximately 400 years ago. Modern Society has reached at the time for fundamental adjustment and in effect, the paradigm shift is now under way. The new paradigm is the holistic world view that considers the world as the integrated entirety rather than the unity of separated parts. The pluralistic phase which can be considered as general characteristics observed in the art, society and culture in the end of the 20th century is seen as the reflection of this new world view. the complementary relationship between traditionism and modernity and oriental intuitive, holistic approach and western rational analytical approach can be explained when the complementary relationship is recognized with holistic and integrated view. The holistic paradigm and integrated-artistic view are the new aesthetic value which can suggest an alternative for public art of environmental design.