Evaluation of Seismic Buckling Load for Seismically Isolated KALIMER Reactor Vessel

면진설계된 KALIMER 원자로용기의 지진좌굴 특성평가

  • Published : 1999.10.01


The Purpose of this paper is to evaluate the buckling strength of conceptually designed KALIMER reactor vessel. For evaluation of the buckling load buckling load the design equations and the finite element analysis are used. In finite element method the eigenvalue buckling analysis nonlinear elastic buckling analysis using snap-through buckling method and nonlinear elastic-plastic buckling analysis are carried out. the calculated buckling loads of KALIMER reactor vessel using the finite element method are in well agreement with those of the design equations. From the calculated results of buckling load in KALIMER rector vessel it is shown that the plasticity of vessel materials significantly affects the buckling load but the initial imperfection has little effects, In checking the limits of bucking load of KALIMER reactor vessel using the ASME B & PV Section III. Subsection NH the non-seismic isolation design can not satisfy the buckling limit requirements but the seismic isolation design can sufficiently satisfy the requirements.