Shape Optimization of Piezoelectric Materials for Piezoelectric-Structure-Acoustic System

압전-구조-음향 연성계의 압전 액츄에이터 최적설계

  • Published : 2000.06.22


Recently, piezoelectric materials have attracted considerable attention because of its self-sensing and actuating properties. To model smart structures, numerical modeling of structures with piezoelectric devices is essential. As many factors affect the performance of smart structures, optimization of these parameters is necessary. In this paper, the shape design sensitivity analysis of the 3D piezoelectric and structural elements is developed and shape optimization is performed. For the evaluation of the sensitivity, the finite element method is used. For the shape sensitivity, the domain velocity field is calculated. An acoustic cavity model is presented as a numerical example to study the feasibility of the formulation. The continuum sensitivity is compared with the results of the finite difference method by ANSYS. And the sequential linear programming (SLP) algorithm is used as the optimization algorithm.