Performance of High-Strength Concrete T-Shaped Structural Wall

고강도 콘크리트를 사용한 T형 벽체의 구조성능

  • 강병국 (한양대 건축공학부) ;
  • 하상수 (한양대 건축공학부) ;
  • 이용택 (청운대 건축공학과 교수, 공박) ;
  • 이리형 (한양대 건축공학부 교수, 공박) ;
  • 천영수 (대한주택공사 주택연구소 구조토목토질연구부 연구원, 공박) ;
  • 윤영호 (대한주택공사 주택연구소 구조토목토질연구부 책임연구원, 공박) ;
  • 양지수 (대한주택공사 주택연구소 구조토목토질연구부)
  • Published : 2000.10.01


Four 1/2-scale wall specimens with flange are tested. The purpose of this study is to investigate experimentally structural behavior of flanged walls in wall slab system apartment buildings considering effective width of flange wall. Main variables are the length of web wall and concrete strength. Cyclic lateral loads are applied at the top of the walls. A constant axial load of approximately $0.1f_{ck}\cdotA_g$ is maintained during the testing. Test result shows that the capacity of the wall was governed by aspect ratios rather than concrete strengths and that initial stiffness and strength of specimens is increased with increasing the stiffness of web wall.