Behavior of 2-D Biaxial braided hollow composite under bending

굽힘 하중 하에서의 2-D Biaxial Braided 중공형 복합재료의 거동

  • Published : 2000.11.01


This study is about the effect of braiding on the 2-D biaxial braided hollow composite(BD) compared with unidirectional hollow composite(UD). The specimens were made of T700S Carbon/Epoxy prepreg and T700S dried Carbon yarns. Fiber volume fraction of UD and BD was obtained experimentally and analytically. Fiber volume fraction of BD was derived based on unit cell of braiding yarn section. Bending test was executed to investigate the effect of braiding part. The result of experiment and analysis of fiber volume fraction has good agreement. Bending strength of BD is about 20% higher than that of UD.