Cure Kinetics and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Resin Initiated by Methylanilinium Salts as a Latent Cationic Curing Agent

잠재성 양이온 경화제로서 methylanilinium 염에 의해 개시된 에폭시 수지의 경화 동력학 및 열적 특성

  • Published : 2000.11.01


The effect of novel N-crotyl-N,N-dimethyl-4-methylanilinium hexafluroantimonate (CMH) curing agent on cure behavior and thermal properties of DGEBA epoxy cationic system was investigated. From DSC measurements of DGEBA/CMH system, it was shown that this system exhibits an excellent thermal latent characteristic in a given temperature and reveals complex cure behavior as indicated by multiple exotherms. The conversion and conversion rate of DGEBA/CMH system increased with increasing the concentration of initiator due to high activity of CMH. Viscoelastic properties during gel formation of DGEBA with CMH were investigated by rheological techniques under isothermal condition. The gel time obtained from the modulus crossover. point t(G')=G", was affected by high curing temperature and concentration of CMH, resulting in high degree of network formation in cationic polymerization. The thermal stabilities were discussed in terms of the activation energy for decomposition and thermal factors determined from TGA measurements.ents.