Finite Element of Composite Shells Based on General Curvilinear Coordinates

일반적인 곡선좌표계에 기초한 복합재료 적층쉘의 유한요소 해석

  • Published : 2000.11.01


Finite element model based on the Naghdi's shell theory in the general tensor-based form is formulated in the present study. Partial mixed variational functional for assumed strain is formulated in order to avoid the severe locking troubles known as transverse shear and membrane locking. The proposed assumed strain element in general tensor Naghdi's shell model provides very accurate solutions for thin shells in benchmark problems. In additions, linear elastic constitutive equations are given in the general curvilinear coordinate system including anisotropic layered structures. Thus laminated composited shell structures are easily analyzed in the present formulation.