A Critical Note on the Electric Field in Direct and Alternating Current and Its Consciousness

  • Oh, Hung-Kuk (School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
  • Published : 2000.11.01


The conventional model did not take momentum conservation into consideration when the electron absorbs and emits the photons. II-ray provides momentum conservations on any directions of the entering photons, and also the electrons have radial momentum conservations and fully elastic bouncing between two atoms, in the new atom model. Conventional atom model must be criticized on the following four points. (1) Natural motions between positive and negative entities are not circular motions but linear going and returning ones, for examples sexual motion, tidal motion, day and night etc. Because the radius of hydrogen atom's electron orbit is the order of 10$^{-11}$ m and the radia of the nucleons in the nucleus are the order of 10$^{-14}$ m and then the converging $\pi$-gamma rays to the nucleus have so great circular momentum, the electron can not have a circular motion. We can say without doubt that any elementary mass particle can have only linear motion, because of the $\pi$-rays'hindrances, nearthenucleus. (2) Potential energy generation was neglected when electron changes its orbit from outer one to inner one. The h v is the kinetic energy of the photo-electron. The total energy difference between orbits comprises kinetic and potential energies. (3) The structure of the space must be taken into consideration because the properties of the electron do not change during the transition from outer orbit to inner one even though it produces photon. (4) Total energy conservation law applies to the energy flow between mind and matter because we daily experiences a interconnection between mind and body. Conventional Concept of Electric Field must be extended in the case of the direct and alternating current. Conventional concept is based on coulomb's force while the electric potential in the direct and alternating current is from Gibb's free energy. And also conventional concept has not any consciousness with human being but the latters has a conscious sensibility. The cell emf is from the kinetic energy of the open $\pi$-rays flow through the conducting wire. The electric potential in alternating current is from that the trans-orbital moving of the induced change of magnetic field in the wire produces flows of open $\pi$-rays, which push the rotating electrons on the orbital and then make the current flow. Human consciousness can induce a resonance with the sensibility of the open $\pi$-rays in the electric measuring equipment. Specially treated acupunctures with Nasucon is for sending an acupunctural effect from one place to another via space by someone's will power.